Club Race 2014 – Ranking List (8-9/3/2014) Nautical Club Kecroc

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Club Race 2014 – Ranking List (8-9/3/2014) Nautical Club Kecroc

The first official event on the RSX and Techno racing calendar for 2014 in Greece was completed successfully with over 50 participants last weekend (8/9 March 2014) at the Nautical Club of Kekrops in Ag. Marina.

Unfortunately although the event organisers were planning on completing six races the wind on Sunday was to strong so racing was abandoned for the day.

Still three races on Saturday meant that the event was a success as the 25+knots on Saturday saw some fierce and intense racing from all youngsters.

It was a case that the fittest survived as the wind picked up gradually all day meaning that the last race of the day was in 25+ knots.

The results are as follows:

Techno Under 17

1st Arvanitis Theodoros (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni)

2nd Georgariou Petros. (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni)

3rd Akritopoulos Michael (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni)

Techno Under 17 (Girls)

1st Divari Katerina(Nautical Club of Vari Varkiza),

2nd Kondarini Konstadina(Nautical Club of Loutsa),

3rd Sirti Joana. (Nautical Club of Andros Korthi)

Techno Under 15

1st Tsoratanidis Leonides (Nautical Club of Andros Korthi),

2nd Doukas Faidon (Nautical Club of Loutsa),

3rd Sirigos Nikos (Nautical Club of Andros Korthi)

Techno Under 15 (girls)

1st Karadinou Aliki (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni)

2nd Saravanou Aikaterini Evagelia.

(ΝΟΚΑ) Techno Under 13

1st Kojias Xaris(Nautical Club of Vari Varkiza)

2nd Tsortanidis Petros (Nautical Club of Andros Korthi)

3rd Karvouniaris Ioannis (Nautical Club of Andros Korthi)

Youngest Racer Karvouniaris John (2004).

RSX 8.5 Boys

1st Oikonomidis Konstadinos (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni Residents)

2nd Boumbas John (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni Residents)

3rd Blatsoukas George (Nautical Club of Vari Varkiza)

RSX Women

1st Skarlatou Gelly (Νautical Club of Vouliagmeni Residents)

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